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Bibby Sterilin tubes

Bibby Sterilin offers a comprehensive range of centrifuge tubes for a wide variety of applications within the laboratory. The flexible range is supplied in 13.5ml, 15ml, and 50ml sizes, in a choice of material, design and packaging configurations to suit most applications.

The popular Sterilin 15ml centrifuge tube is available in a high clarity medical grade polypropylene or transparent polystyrene, both of which have excellent RCF values of 7,000-x g and 5,000 x g respectively. The conical base features crisp white graduations from 0.1 to 1.0ml in 0.1ml increments which have been externally moulded to prevent liquid or cells becoming trapped in the cone.

Easy to use, the centrifuge tube cap has a dual start thread which facilitates closure in one easy turn and a bore seal for complete safety during centrifugation. For labelling purposes, the tube body features a large printed marking strip and the top of the cap is flat to allow identification marking.

Aseptically manufactured from transparent virgin polystyrene, the 13.5ml tubes have moulded graduation marks at 5ml and 10ml and can be used up to a maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) value of 5,000 x g. Offering a choice of wadded or non- wadded closures, they are available with a round or conical base.

The high clarity medical grade polypropylene 50ml tubes feature a conical base and a choice of either a free-standing skirted or a non-skirted design. Suitable for use to a maximum RCF of 8,000 x g, they also feature a leak-proof flat top closure with bore seal and white printed graduations with printed marking spot for labelling purposes.

Gamma-irradiated for guaranteed sterility, both the 15ml and 50ml tubes are certified non-pyrogenic to a level of 0.25 EU/ml.

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Posted on November 2, 2003