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Halogen Hotplates Faster to the Boil

Bibby Sterilin continues to extend its wide range of Stuart hotplate stirrers, providing users with a versatile choice which is hard to beat.

Ideal for preparing microbiological media, the new halogen model is equipped with a highly efficient hotplate, capable of boiling 1 litre of water 40 per cent faster than conventional versions.  Using the instant heat from a long-life 1200W halogen lamp, it allows energy to pass through the glassware and heat the liquid directly.

The large (30 x 30cm), chemically resistant and easy to clean ceramic top can accommodate vessels of up to 10 litre capacity. Safe in use, with a hot warning light which flashes if the plate temperature rises above 70°C, the new range includes a hotplate and powerful stirrer hotplate.

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Posted on April 2, 2003