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Hot Metal - Bibby Sterilin Introduces new Digital Hotplate

One of the leading European manufacturers of hotplate stirrers, Bibby Sterilin has made yet another addition to their highly successful Stuart metal top range. With all the benefits associated with the existing digital models, the new SD160 is ideal for applications requiring highly precise and uniform temperatures such as warming microscope slides, microarrays, and other specialised hot surface work, including micro-electronics.

Using state of the art microprocessor technology, the SDl60 gives unprecedented accuracy and uniformity of plate temperature so that wherever a sample is placed on the aluminium plate the conditions are identical. An innovative encoder system allows fast and easy temperature selection, with both actual and set temperatures shown on a bright, clear vacuum fluorescent display.

For optimum user safety a hot warning light flashes if the temperature of the top plate rises above 70°C, and continues to do so even when the hotplate is switched off. The SD160's compact body shape takes up minimal space in the laboratory, and has been carefully designed to slope backwards in order to deflect spills away from the user and the controls.

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Posted on October 12, 2002