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New Centrifuge Range Covers all Applications and Budgets

A new range of compact, bench-top centrifuges which are ideally suited to most essential applications in life-science laboratories such as haematology, biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology, have been introduced by laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC.

The models available are designed to suit all applications and budgets and include the important features and benefits of a robust sealed housing, fully programmable microprocessor control, smooth, brushless motors and near silent running. They are also fitted with a lid lock to prevent accidental opening during operation, while the inner bowl is a self-contained unit designed for easy wipe-down and disinfection should a breakage or spillage occur during operation.

The entry level MC-5000 model is a low-speed (max 5000 rpm) option which is available with or without a 'load auto-balance' function and is ideal for qualitative analysis of blood serum, plasma and urea in hospitals, blood centres and biochemistry labs. At the other end of the scale is the more sophisticated MC16000R model which is ideal for most molecular biological laboratories for use on cell separation and DNA applications. This is a high speed variant (16000 rpm) and includes selectable refrigeration.

Bucket options vary depending on the tube size and combinations to be spun. These range from 24 capillary blood tubes (Model MC-12000) up to 8 x 50ml tubes (Model MC-5000) with many intermediate options.

The rotor arms are either fixed angle or swing out, depending on the model. However, easily-fitted rotor arm sets are available for different functions if required.

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Posted on December 4, 2012