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QIAGEN mericon® Salmonella spp. Kit Receives AOAC Approval

The QIAGEN mericon® Salmonella spp. kit in combination with the QIAsymphony RGQ automation platform has received validation from the AOAC Research Institute. The mericon® kit provides all necessary reagents for detection of Salmonella subspecies (or spp.) and runs on the QIAsymphony RGQ modular system, which automates entire workflows from food sample to the final result.

The AOAC Research Institute validated the mericon® kit on QIAsymphony RGQ, as well as manual use, for low- and high-throughput testing of eight different food sample types.

'Achieving this validation of our QIAsymphony RGQ automated workflow in finding Salmonella, the most significant market opportunity in safeguarding food safety, adds further momentum to the dissemination of our instruments and test kits in the Applied Testing market.

Our emerging food safety testing portfolio is very rapidly growing,' said Dr. Dietrich Hauffe, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences Business Area, of QIAGEN. 'As a result of this key certification, food industry labs can now process more samples and improve efficiency by automating their Salmonella workflow using our mericon® Salmonella spp. kit with QIAsymphony RGQ. This certification marks an important milestone, as further key assays in our broad food testing assay portfolio are targeting certification and a growing number of labs are adopting the QIAsymphony RGQ platform.'

QIAGEN offers a range of innovative, high-quality solutions to help safeguard the food supply and continues to add content to address various threats to public health. QIAGEN's suite of food safety test kits covers all phases of testing for this global market, including DNA purification, screening for pathogens, genetically modified organism (GMO) detection, and ingredient authentication.

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Source : QIAGEN (Food safety testing applications) [Germany]
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Posted on July 31, 2012