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PhyloTech, Inc., provides analysis of over 50,000 bacterial and archaeal taxa in samples from any source to solve problems in human health, environmental damages assessment, bioremediation, recreational water quality, drinking water and food safety, and an array of other applications.

PhyloTech was founded in June 2009 and is based on the proprietary PhyloChip™ and related technology invented in Dr. Gary Andersen´s lab at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The invention won The Wall Street Journal 2008 Technology Innovation Award in the 'Environment' category, and is considered one of the top Berkeley Lab breakthroughs since the lab´s founding in 1931.

Having recently closed a $1.2 M seed financing round, PhyloTech is now ready to commence operations. The company is taking customer orders for comprehensive, quantitative and sensitive analysis, starting with extracted DNA from any sample or frozen water filters.

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Posted on July 30, 2010