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Analytik Jena Launches H1N1 Rapid Test

Analytik Jena AG has launched its newly developed rapid test for detecting the influenza virus H1N1, initially for research purposes. The new test is a molecular-genetic rapid test for the direct identification of pathogens. The rapid test was validated both for Analytik Jena´s rapid cycler and the standard cycler of Biometra GmbH, the Goettingen-based company that was acquired in full in May, and is therefore available to a large group of users without the need for any additional investment.

'Based on our Speedcycler technology, the procedure makes it possible to detect an H1N1 infection in less than two hours,' Klaus Berka, CEO of Analytik Jena, explained today at the leading biotechnology trade fair in Hanover. 'The fact that no expensive equipment systems are required, as for example with real-time PCR procedures, represents a further significant competitive advantage.'

The test system maps the entire process chain, from isolation of the viral RNA through to detection of an H1N1 virus infection. The underlying procedure, known as Rapid Amplification Hybridisation (RAH) technology, combines extremely rapid pathogen amplification with simple and sensitive detection on a test strip.

Analytik Jena AG is currently working at great speed in close cooperation with scientific partners to obtain approval of the test for medical applications. A particular benefit of the test is that in the future it will also be integrated into the Mobilab platform, which is also to be introduced as a world first at this year´s BIOTECHNICA. 'This means it will soon be possible to use the testing system in places where large numbers of people congregate, such as airports,' Berka continued.

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Posted on October 29, 2009