Liquid Based Microbiology

New, Economical, Quality Laboratory Monitoring System

Setting up and operating a comprehensive laboratory monitoring system is made easier and more economical with the new Titan range of interface substations from IKS (Rosmalen, The Netherlands), a new addition to their market-leading XiltriX® registration, monitoring and alarm system. Such systems can include hundreds of sensor inputs and alarm outputs - up to a thousand in some cases - and the new substations are designed to simplify system integration while improving reliability and reducing overall costs.

Parameters such as temperature, CO2­ and oxygen concentration, pressure and humidity can all be monitored by XiltriX sensors. The new substations can be used to connect either 4 Pt100 temperature sensors or 4 current-based sensor signals for other parameters. Up to 4 digital inputs to monitor events such as door opening can also be connected. 4 digital alarm output channels are also available. Flexible communication options offer real-time monitoring using hard-wired, network or wireless connectivity. The Titan substation even monitors the local power supply and gives an alarm in case of power failure, while continuing to function using its built-in battery back-up system. The new design is fully compatible with all existing XiltriX monitoring systems.

Han Weerdesteyn, XiltriX Product Manager at IKS, said: 'A monitoring system based on these new Titan substations should appeal to every lab that has monitoring needs. The low price offers exceptional value for money, but makes no compromises on quality or stability. XiltriX has proved itself a life saver on many occasions. Its real time monitoring, flexible communication and alarm options and comprehensive data logging offer a complete monitoring and alarm solution for all laboratories.'

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Posted on March 16, 2010