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Innovative Solution Optimizes Lab Workflow and Clinical Information Management

Myla Microbiology Informatics Solution
bioMerieux Showcases Myla™ at ASM 2010:
New Informatics Solution to Transform the Microbiology Laboratory

A world leader in in vitro diagnostics, bioMerieux presented Myla™, a revolutionary new middleware solution to improve connectivity, laboratory workflow and information management, at the 110th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) in San Diego.

Part of bioMerieux's FMLA™* solutions and services, Myla is an intelligent browser-based application that consolidates and manages microbiology data generated from a variety of sources and converts these data into actionable information for treatment decisions.

Designed to transform the way that laboratory managers and technicians work, Myla recaptures time spent on information retrieval and reporting activities through a simple dashboard-based user interface that provides full control of lab workflow.
'Myla brings two key benefits to the microbiology lab: significantly improving operational efficiency and making the most relevant information readily available to clinicians so they can take action rapidly,' said Stephane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer of bioMerieux. 'Time to treatment makes a critical difference in patient outcomes and Myla is a fundamental part of bioMerieux's Full Microbiology Lab Automation to deliver faster results.'

Laboratory consolidation and healthcare budget constraints have placed heightened demands on laboratory managers. They are faced with greater demand for quality assurance and traceability of samples and results. Lab managers must handle an increasingly complex workflow with a smaller workforce and, in many cases, fewer skilled technicians. There is also a strong drive to build more efficiency into daily operations by minimizing the time and cost to process samples and generate results. As the world leader in microbiology diagnostics, bioMerieux developed Myla in response to these needs.

Limited launch of Myla is planned for June, to be followed by a full launch in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The Myla software solution will offer:
  • Rich connectivity between bioMerieux instruments, other instruments, the laboratory information system and eventually, other hospital information systems. It will also enable faster time to results with real-time collection, consolidation and delivery of clinically relevant test results.

  • Improved information management between automated systems that will eliminate redundant data entry, saving time and minimizing potential errors. Myla will include a dashboard for laboratory managers and technicians, which provides a comprehensive view of all testing activities in the lab. It will thus be possible to adjust resources to anticipate bottlenecks and improve efficiency. The software will also send real-time alerts for critical lab information, for example increasing bacterial resistance trends, so that hospitals can immediately implement specific prevention and control actions.

  • Enhanced visibility to manage workflow. Laboratory managers will have the flexibility to customize their dashboard to show information such as quality indicators and workflow metrics for continuous operational improvement. Myla will be web enabled, making the software easy to deploy and facilitating access to information from multiple remote sites.
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*About FMLA™
Full Microbiology Lab Automation (FMLA) helps customers achieve substantial productivity gains by improving lab efficiency and utilization of automated systems. Focused on faster time to result for improved patient care, bioMerieux introduced FMLA in 2008 to streamline the workflow and efficiency of the microbiology laboratory, from sample reception and distribution, organism identification and antimicrobial resistance analysis, to result management and interpretation.

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Posted on May 27, 2010