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Sterilin Offers Extensive Range of Swab Rinse Kits

Sterilin Limited have increased the choice of Swab-Rinse Kits (SRK) used for hygiene monitoring and environmental sampling in pharmaceutical, food-hygiene, cosmetics and biological laboratories. This range of products offers improved ease of use for inspectors and quality analysts, both on-site and in the field.

Swabbing remains one of the most established and extensively used microbiological surface-sampling methods today. The kit typically consists of a labelled screw cap tube with integral swab, filled with a specific volume of rinse solution. The swab tip is automatically pre-moistened in the solution, helping improve the uptake of material to be analysed. This is a proven and effective method for the detection and quantitation of microorganisms.

Facilitating routine surface monitoring in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, the SRK system offers a superior method for sampling uneven or irregular surfaces, equipment and difficult to reach sites. The SRK system is equally effective in routine hygiene monitoring of food contact surfaces within food processing environments and heavily contaminated surfaces, the swabs offer a convenient system for verification and validation of effective sanitization and disinfection procedures. Accommodating a wide variety of applications, the Swab-Rinse Kits are supplied in a wide variety of swab lengths and media type.

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Posted on October 28, 2008