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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Primary Collection Tubes for Automated Urinalysis

Sterilin Primary Urine Tubes
Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced new a range of Sterilin Primary Urine Tubes. The tubes are designed to fit directly into the racks of automated urinalysis systems, eliminating the need to decant samples prior to analysis. Sterilin Primary Urine tubes save time and resources in the laboratory and reduce the potential for errors.

Automation has dramatically increased the accuracy and throughput of urine analysis in laboratories around the world. Standard urine collection vessels are too large to fit into the racking of current urinalysis systems, however, meaning samples must be decanted into suitable tubes in the laboratory. This is not only time consuming, but it also presents opportunities for spillages and errors.
Sterilin Primary Urine Collection Tubes, on the other hand, fit perfectly into the racking of current automated urinalysis systems, allowing faster, simpler and more efficient processing of samples. The clear plastic tubes have a rounded base, which is essential for efficient mixing of samples in the analyser, and are supplied with or without boric acid preservative, depending on the needs of individual laboratories.

Sterilin Primary Urine Tubes are easy to use, are available with a urine collection cup for easier sample collection and are 95kPa-compliant with leak-free screw caps for safe and secure transportation of samples. In addition, each tube is CE marked and labeled for accurate recording of patient details.

For further information on Sterilin Primary Urine Tubes, call +44 (0)844 844 3737, email info@sterilin.co.uk or visit www.sterilin.co.uk.

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Posted on August 16, 2011