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TV Documentary on Importance of Effective Sample Collection for MRSA Screening

A documentary entitled 'Tackling MRSA and Other Hospital Related Infections', to be broadcast on NHS 247 TV (Sky channel 166; Freesat channel 402) throughout December 2009, stresses the importance of good sample collection in MRSA screening programmes. The film, which covers all aspects of MRSA infection control, introduces a new, specialised MRSA swabbing kit, the Copan e-Swab MRSA kit (available exclusively in the UK from Sterilin Limited), which greatly enhances the collection of specimens for MRSA screening.

Good sample collection is critical to the successful isolation of any infectious agent from a patient. The new Copan 'flocked' swab offers several advantages over traditional swabs. The moulded plastic tip base is electrostatically coated with high density, perpendicular nylon fibres to produce a flocked pile. This brush-like structure allows both the efficient removal of the sample from the body surface and the uptake of liquid through capillary action. In addition, since the shape of the swab is determined by the shape of the plastic moulding, the flocked pile is only 1-2 mm deep. This allows the sample to remain close to the surface of the swab at all times, enabling efficient sample release and improved recovery rates.

Two Copan flocked swab products are available for MRSA screening. The standard Copan e-Swab is for the collection and transport of individual patient samples and the Copan e-Swab MRSA kit is for the collection and transport of up to 3 samples from a single patient. Sampling multiple sites maximises the chances of identifying MRSA colonisation. All three swabs from a single patient can then be concentrated into a single aliquot of liquid medium, which can be processed as a single sample, keeping laboratory workload to a minimum.

'The success of mandatory screening for MRSA depends very much on the quality of specimens,' comments Alison Smith, Marketing Director for Sterilin Limited. 'The Copan e-Swab MRSA kit is designed specifically to enhance MRSA sample collection. Not only does it improve sampling technique and patient comfort but, by improving sample uptake and release, it also ensures accurate and reliable recovery of MRSA.'

'Tackling MRSA and Other Hospital Related Infections', presented by Georgina Burnett and featuring Derek Butler, Chairman of MRSA Action UK, will be broadcast on NHS 247 TV on the 3rd and 17th December 2009 at 19.30 (GMT) and on the 6th and 20th December 2009 at 18.00 (GMT). If you are unable to catch these broadcasts, the documentary will also be available to view at http://www.nhs247.com until December 2010.

For further information about the Copan products for MRSA screening and the full range of high quality disposable plastic products available from Sterilin, please visit the Sterilin website at www.sterilin.co.uk or email rachel.adams@sterilin.co.uk

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Posted on December 7, 2009