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Sterilin Secures Single Use Supply Chain

British manufacturer Sterilin Ltd. has geared up to ensure 'pandemic-proof' production and distribution of essential laboratory testing supplies from its South Wales facility.

Single use plastics, such as sample collection and transport containers, pipettes, petri dishes and multiwell plates, play a daily role in clinical and industrial diagnostic testing laboratories. Routine biochemistry, immunology, haematology, microbiology and food pathogen analyses continue to increase, irrespective of the wider-publicised 'swine flu fever'.

Sterilin has put in place its own action plan to protect the laboratory plastics supply chain, drawing on 40 years of experience in the microbiology market. Should the pandemic strike as worst case scenarios predict, Sterilin can provide hospital laboratories and food manufacturers with essential disposable testing products, even with a reduced workforce.

With the most stringent manufacturing standards in the industry, the Sterilin-branded portfolio of single use plastics comprises over 800 products. The BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accredited purpose built facility in South Wales is prepared for any eventuality in terms of manufacturing demand, with comprehensive quality assurance procedures guaranteeing every item is made to the highest quality.

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Posted on September 7, 2009