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Techne Thermal Cyclers - Save Time, Energy and Space

The latest TC-PLUS thermal cyclers and Satellite units from Techne are designed to save valuable time and energy, while their stackable configuration reduces the bench space required and facilitates networking.

According to Rob Skehens, Bibby Scientific Marketing Director, 'Meeting an important requirement in today's energy-conscious market, the Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS™) introduced in the TC-PLUS achieves reduced operational costs. The TERS™ (patent pending) system makes vital energy savings by harnessing the heat vented during the cooling phase ready for use in the next heating phase.'

With a ramp rate of up to 5ºC per second, the aluminium block is one of the fastest available. TC-PLUS thermal cyclers also feature a large colour touchscreen for quick program setup. At least 1,000 programs can be stored and the front-positioned USB port makes it easy to transfer protocols between cyclers or laboratories.

Designed with a front-loading sample drawer to make them uniquely stackable, a TC-PLUS or Satellite unit can be placed on top of another Satellite. This feature, together with the front-to-back venting and airflow which enables close side-by-side positioning, greatly reduces the bench space requirement.

TC-PLUS thermal cyclers and Satellite units provide all the flexibility needed for both fast and high-throughput PCR in research, diagnostics, forensic and testing laboratories. This is enhanced with easily interchangeable blocks, the freedom to use any consumables and full networking capability. TC-PLUS Satellites are controlled from the TC-PLUS or a PC but have no user interface themselves.

There is a choice of easily interchangeable blocks - 96 x 0.2ml, 60 x 0.5ml and 384-well plate - all with gradient for efficient optimisation of PCR conditions. With over 20 years' experience in the design and manufacture of thermal cyclers, Techne is established as a leading supplier and the TC-PLUS is covered by a 4-year warranty (4 years or 100,000 cycles for blocks).

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Posted on April 6, 2010