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3-hour Test for On-site Brettanomyces Detection

Unitech Scientific has launched the revolutionary new Z-Brett™ visually-read, rapid test for Brettanomyces in wine. Z-Brett, developed by Z-Wine Co (Anaheim CA), is the first in a line of easy-to-use reagent kits for detection of wine & fermentation spoilage organisms.

'Spoilage of wines by Brettanomyces yeast is a growing problem - due in part to extended 'hang time,' post-fermentation maceration, natural yeast fermentation, barrel aging, and a desire to reduce the use of SO2. Brettanomyces grows in finished wine . . . often producing undesirable odors,' says Dr. Susan Rodriguez (Cal State Fresno) in a Feb 2006 Wine Business Monthly article.

Traditionally, spoilage is first detected when a characteristic 'Brett' odor (the strong-smelling 4-ethyl phenol contamination product) is noticed in barreled wine. At this stage, the winemaking remediation is often too expensive to save the wine. In a recent article, Dr. Henick-Kling (Cornell University) observed that, 'Traditional plate count revealed a very low incidence of Brett' in wineries, but a Real-Time PCR analysis revealed 'the majority of the wine is infected. . . [and Brett] can bloom unexpectedly after periods of relative dormancy.'

A sensitive, easy to use test providing near real-time Brett concentrations is needed to monitor whether spoilage is just beginning, getting worse, or has succumb to winemaking intervention.

The new Z-Brett Test Kit is that simple, inexpensive method. It detects Brett directly in juice or wine in a few hours, giving the winemaker an 'early warning' tool in his or her campaign against Brett. 'For those who like a little Brett in their winemaking, for stylistic reasons, this method could serve as a monitoring device to keep the levels of Brett in check,' says Dr. Rodriguez.

'Beta-site tests, conducted 5 major northern California wineries over the last 6-months, have demonstrated that Z-Brett equals or surpasses differential microbiology and PCR methods currently available,' says Dr. Stewart LeBrun, director of R&D at Z-Wine Co. Beta testing was conducted in both laboratory and cellar conditions, and 'users found the tests procedures both easy to perform and interpret.' Furthermore, the Z-Brett reagents 'have passed 6- and 12-month real-time stability testing for enzyme-immunoassay reagents,' added Dr. LeBrun.

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Posted on March 3, 2008

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