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Fetal and Donor Bovine Serum from TCS Biosciences

Fetal Bovine Serum

TCS Biosciences Ltd is pleased to incorporate Fetal Bovine Serum of Australian and New Zealand Origin produced by Moregate BioTech and Donor Bovine Serum of New Zealand origin produced by South Pacific Sera in to our range.

Australia and New Zealand, being island countries with the strictest quarantine systems, have remained relatively disease free. This coupled with careful collection, strict processing and filtration procedures, followed by rigorous testing ensures product of the highest integrity. Serum is shipped direct from the country of origin. Comprehensive documentation demonstrates full product traceability.

Moregate BioTech
Moregate BioTech is unique in having substantial collection and state of the art processing facilities for Fetal Calf Serum in both New Zealand and Australia.

Fetal Blood is aseptically collected, in single use bags, from EEC and USDA licenced slaughterhouses. It is processed, in accordance with cGMP guidelines, at Moregate BioTech's FDA registered facilities located in the countries of origin (Hamilton, New Zealand and Brisbane, Australia).

The origin of Moregate BioTech products is guaranteed. Stringent control procedures ensure that the path from collection through processing to delivery is documented and verifiable.

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Posted on March 29, 2007