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Consistent Quality Donor Horse Serum for Tissue Culture

Horse Serum Supplement for Tissue Culture

At TCS Biosciences we recognise the determinant role played by serum and other medium supplements in maintaining the safety, quality, reproducibility and productivity of products derived from animal cells in culture. The tissue culture scientist must have complete confidence that the serum which he or she uses satisfies their criteria, that properly validated procedures have been used to demonstrate this and that all operations from the animal to the finished bottled product have been appropriately documented.

Consistent Quality Our dynamic approach to Quality Assurance extends from animal husbandry, through collection to processing and packaging, in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the consistent quality of our products. Traceability, essential to biological production, is of prime importance and we are renowned for the quality of our documentation and our rapid response. A complete manufacturing record is kept for each lot produced. In addition to the serum pooling record, details of the filters used, the preparation of the filtration apparatus, number of bottles filled and samples taken for Quality Control testing are included. A test certificate showing the results of testing for the parameters shown on the specification can be supplied on request.

Animal Welfare - Their Health is Our Quality Careful selection, free-range conditions, extensive good pasture and stringent veterinary supervision ensures healthy stock. Blood collection from each species, in stress free conditions, by qualified, trained personnel using our unique closed system is in accordance with the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Veterinary Health Certificates are supplied with all products when appropriate.

Product Code Description
HA001 Horse (Defibrinated) , 100ml
HA002 Horse (Defibrinated) , 500ml
HA005 Horse (Heat Inactivated) , 100ml
HA006 Horse (Heat Inactivated) , 500ml

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Posted on October 30, 2006