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Bactest "GEMINI" Meets Demand for Small Volume or Single Sample Microbiology

Bactest has developed free standing, self-contained, culture units of small volume that are capable of growing and detecting the respiration or gas exchange associated with a broad range of micro-organisms in the minimum time while providing effective safety barriers for the operator.

Measuring sensitive pressure transients, both positive and negative, the system is not limited to CO2 production as with some metabolic detection systems.

The technology optimises growth conditions and incorporates a highly sensitive detection system for rapid results.

Reduction of the potential for false positive or negative results is a prime design consideration.

In its simplest form, the system operates as a single sample but the technology is infinitely scalable and is designed to have low entry costs and minimal maintenance for the customer other than routine consumables.

The technology has application in a broad range of situations where pathogens or contaminating organisms need to be detected rapidly.

Bactest used the 2007 Medica Show to unveil the first of a line of product offerings based on its rapid microbiology platform.
The product range, launched under the "GEMINI" name represents a totally unique and innovative approach to the issues facing microbiologists, clinicians and Hospital Managers alike.

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Posted on December 17, 2007