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FXG™ Product Range Gives Same Day Diagnosis of Respiratory Fungal Infections

Myconostica, a developer of diagnostic products and services for fungal infections, have now made available the first product in the FXG™ series. FXG™: RESP (Asp +) provides clinicians with reliable and accurate results for two of the most common fungal diseases in less than half a day, enabling them to make faster decisions and to potentially start treatment earlier than was possible before.

FXG™: RESP (Asp +) is a multiplex, Real-Time PCR-based product used as an aid for the diagnosis of Aspergillus and Pneumocystis fungi, the common causative agents of life-threatening respiratory infections.

The showcase follows successful clinical evaluation of FXG™: RESP (Asp +) and the CE marking of Myconostica’s efficient fungal DNA extraction kit (MycXtra™) to European member countries. Myconostica plans further performance evaluation studies to support the products.

Both are being showcased at the prestigious Trends in Medical Mycology Conference (TIMM), Torino, Italy.

Current methods for fungal diagnostics are inherently slow and imprecise relying mainly on culturing patient samples (>3 days). This may lead to a poor diagnosis and contribute to a high mortality. In contrast, in less than half a day Myconostica’s FXG™: RESP (Asp +) diagnostic product accurately, specifically and reliably identifies whether the fungi Aspergillus and/or Pneumocystis are causing the infection.

MycXtra™ extracts and purifies fungal DNA from respiratory samples including clinical bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL). MycXtra™ is ideal for the first stage in sample processing and analysis and provides PCR quality DNA. FXG™: RESP (Asp +) is a rapid, sensitive kit for detecting the common respiratory fungal pathogens; Aspergillus and Pneumocystis. It uses Real Time PCR methodology ensuring high analytical sensitivity and specificity enabling a fast turnaround from sample to result.

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Posted on November 1, 2007