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Magicplex™ Respiratory Virus Panel Real-Time Test

Just in time for the flu season Seegene have announced the availability of a new respiratory multiplex molecular diagnostic test that accurately identifies 29 respiratory viruses, including Influenza A subtypes. The new Magicplex™ RV Panel Real-Time Test will enable doctors and clinicians to diagnose in less than five hours what type of pathogen is infecting a patient's respiratory system. Seegene's Magicplex™ RV Panel Real-Time Test will be on display in Seegene's booth #1E11 at MEDICA 2010, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 17-200.

In recent years populations around the world are warned that this year's influenza strain might trigger a pandemic. According to World Health Organization (WHO), mortality rate of ages younger than five caused by severe respiratory disease is 20%, of which 90% is caused by pneumonia.

But with so many types of respiratory pathogens and symptoms, it is difficult to make an accurate and potentially lifesaving diagnosis -- a bacterium needing an antibiotic; a virus needing an antiviral; or something requiring bed rest.

Seegene's Magicplex™ RV Panel Real-Time Test will help clinicians get quick and accurate answers. The 29 pathogens that the test detects are: influenza A virus (Flu A), influenza B virus (Flu B), human respiratory syncytial virus A/B (RSV A/B), human adenovirus A/B/C/D/E/F (AdV A/B/C/D/E/F), human coronavirus 229E/NL63/OC43 (CoV 229E/NL63/OC43), human enterovirus (HEV), human rhinovirus A/B/C (HRV A/B/C), human bocavirus 1/2/3/4 (HBoV1/2/3/4), and human parainfluenza virus 1/2/3/4 (PIV1/2/3/4).

Additionally, Flu A can be further analyzed into 2009 pandemic H1, human H3, and human H1 by using Flu A Real-time Subtyping set.

'By specifically identifying the type of virus or bacterial infection a patient has enables physicians to treat patients with a form of personalized medicine by knowing the correct drug therapy to treat the patient,' said Jong-Yoon Chun, chief executive officer of Seegene. 'Current tests for respiratory viruses and bacteria, such as viral culture, rapid culture or rapid Ag test are not up to the challenge of cost-effective, personalized healthcare. By varying degrees those tests are laborious, time consuming, low sensitivity, and limited in the scope of pathogen types tested for, and specimen used.'

Magicplex RV Panel Real-Time Test is based on Seegene's proprietary READ™ (Real Amplicon Detection) technology, which combines the advantages of a multiplex format with a real-time PCR system. Magicplex tests work in a simple two-step process: first amplify the DNA/RNA sequence of the target pathogens, then simply read those signals using any real-time PCR instrument. The result is a molecular diagnostic testing approach that sets a new standard for efficiency, specificity, and sensitivity.

Magicplex™ tests are not available in the USA until approved by the FDA.

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Posted on November 9, 2010