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Automated Magnetic Bead Nucleic Acid Extraction and Detection System

Seegene have introduced the SeePrep™ and SeeCycler™, new clinical instrumentation optimized for Seegene's multiplex real-time detection tests.

SeePrep performs automated magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction, and SeeCycler is an automated detection system for processing samples in real-time. With the addition of these equipment Seegene is now able to provide a complete molecular diagnostic workflow optimized for its multiplex tests, including nucleic acid extraction, amplification, real-time PCR testing and data analysis. The complete system will be on display at the 2010 Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), booth #1800.

'Seegene multiplex real-time PCR products are defining a new era of powerful assays that can rapidly and accurately diagnose a pathogenic infection and genetic mutation. These tests arm medical professionals with the information they need for better and more cost-effective patient care,' said Jong-Yoon Chun, Chief Executive Officer of Seegene. 'SeePrep and SeeCycler are the cutting edge in test sample prep and processing, and are a perfect complement to our multiplex testing format. Used together as a complete system, clinicians will benefit from a comprehensive system which simplifies and speeds up the entire test process.'

Seegene is pioneering a new category of multiplex PCR technology that enables the simultaneous detection of viruses and bacteria in a single reaction. Seegene currently has a wide range of assay panels for multiple pathogen screening. The assays primarily target viral and bacterial infections and include panels for viral respiratory infections, sexually transmitted diseases, herpes, diarrhea, HPV, viral meningitis and sepsis.
SeePrep is an automated nucleic acid extraction machine utilizing magnetic bead technology. The hallmark of the instrument is the ability to utilize specimens that are very difficult to extract by any other instrument.

SeeCycler uses patented block dissipation technology for accurate and fast heating and cooling rates, required for better efficiency in DNA amplification, resulting in fast reaction time. It has a capacity of 96 wells and covers and with 6 channels, 5 different analyses can be detected in one sample.

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Posted on July 27, 2010