Sino Biological Influenza Virus Antigen Bank

Seeplex® Diarrhea ACE Detects Viruses/Bacteria Directly from Stool

Seeplex® Diarrhea ACE Detection detects diarrhea-causing viruses and/or bacteria directly from stool. Current diagnostic methods for diarrhea such as electron microscopy, ELISA or stool culture contain certain limitations. With multiplex PCR system based on DPO™ technology, the Seeplex® Diarrhea ACE Detection can detect 4 viruses and/or 10 bacteria causing diarrhea within 6 hours.

  • Available specimen: Stool

  • Compatible instruments: ScreenTape® System (Lab901), MCE-202, 'MultiNA' (Shimadzu)
For Research Use Only

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Posted on May 4, 2009