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Premi®Test Salmonella Presentation at IAFP

Premi®Test Salmonella can detect and identify 94 serotypes, representing more than 99% of the Salmonella strains present in laboratories - enabling integrators in the food processing industry to track Salmonella in the food chain.

One of DSM Premi®Test BV's major customers, will give a presentation at the IAFP on how Premi®test Salmonella provides fast, reliable results while being easy to use and ultimately providing value for money. The presentation is at:

IAFP 2009: Grapevine, Texas
Date: 14 July 2009
Time: 10:45
Location: T4 - Education and Novel Laboratory
Methods Technical Session

Meet DSM Premitest after the presentation! You can send your request to:

Premi®Test Salmonella is just one of a family of anti-Salmonella solutions now being developed by DSM.

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Posted on July 9, 2009