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Stainerbondz™ Printable Labels - Permanent Labelling for Microscope Slides

Reliable traceability is critical for clinical and research samples. Stainerbondz labels provide crisp, clear, long-term sample identification. They show superb resistance to chemicals from Acetone to Xylene and will endure a wide variety of laboratory staining protocols, even the rigours of deparraffinisation. Stainerbondz are unaffected by temperature extremes from -80ºC to 130ºC.

Label your slide before staining and know that your sample will be identifiable for years to come.

  • Stainerbondz labels stick permanently to slides from sectioning through to staining

  • They are resistant to chemicals such as Acetone, Ethanol and Xylene.

  • They withstand common laboratory environments such as microwave and autoclave exposure

  • Long-term storage of samples has no effect on label adhesion or legibility

  • Standard or custom labels available

Free samples are available, use the 'more information' button at the end of this page.

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Posted on October 30, 2008