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Durable Scientific Labelling for Long-term Sample Storage

Brady's labelling technology guarantees the durability of sample identification, even after protracted storage. Laboratory and biological samples often have to be stored for long periods at low temperatures, either for legal reasons, for archiving, for GLP compliance or simply to preserve them for future use.

Hand-written labels are particularly prone to smearing when handled, and to fading after long-term storage. Accidental contact with chemicals such as solvents can simply dissolve away vital information. Even if printed labels are used, incompatible combinations of label material and ink can make labelling equally vulnerable, with the added problem that if barcodes become unreadable, data is lost or corrupted. Furthermore, these issues may only become apparent once a sample is retrieved from storage with an illegible label, and by then it's too late - the sample is likely to be useless.

The huge Brady product range offers an unrivalled 72 different combinations of label material and ink to ensure durability in any storage conditions, with expert technical advice available to help customers make the right choice.

For example, Brady's innovative B461 range of self-laminating labels display exceptional durability in liquid nitrogen. The white printable area is covered by a clear overlaminating film that not only protects the legend but allows visibility of the sample itself. These labels are available in different formats to suit all standard laboratory vials, tubes and slides.

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Posted on July 30, 2010