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Laboratory Labels Protect Sample Identities under all Conditions

Brady's extensive range of labelling products provide simple, effective and affordable solutions for ensuring that laboratory samples can be identified and tracked - even after exposure to extreme temperatures or aggressive solvents. No more detached labels!

Developed to provide effective long-term adhesion in a variety of harsh environments - including liquid nitrogen, autoclaving, xylene and other chemicals, and dirty or greasy conditions - Brady labelling systems offer a wide choice of options to suit virtually any application. A lost label means a lost sample identity, so Brady's specialist labels address a fundamental challenge in every laboratory.

Brady offers labels for use with all sizes of standard lab consumables, such as vials, tubes and slides, as well as 10 different adhesives to choose from with the help of technical advice from the company's labelling experts.

Brady's Freezerbondz™ range withstand storage in liquid nitrogen or a low temperature freezer, and can even be applied direct to frozen surfaces if required. For added versatility, these labels show excellent chemical resistance to solvents such as DMSO and xylene.
Alternatively, Brady's self-laminating wraparound labels also provide exceptional permanence under extreme conditions. The white label area is combined with a clear laminating strip which protects the sample identity information and ensures adhesion is not compromised by temperature, chemicals or solvents.

The Brady Corporation has offices in 24 countries and is represented in over 100. Research laboratories in the US and Europe ensure a continuous programme of product innovation, evolution and development.

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Posted on June 24, 2010

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