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LabXpert™ - a Label Printer Designed for the Laboratory

The Brady LabXpert labelling system has been developed and tested specifically for laboratory conditions. This label printer is ideal for lab technicians who need to be able to identify numerous samples on a daily basis, permanently, legibly and accurately. Its customised software contains pre-programmed label formats to suit most laboratory glassware and consumables and provides over 140 lab-specific symbols and graphics for easy custom label generation.

Other features include auto-serialisation that produces 40 labels in under two minutes, automatic date and time stamping and built-in barcoding. A unique range of specialised label materials and print media is available from Brady for virtually any laboratory labelling task. Labels can be produced that will withstand the harshest environments - temperatures from liquid nitrogen (-196°C) to autoclave (+121°C), and solvents like Xylene, Ethanol, DMSO and IPA - and that will remain intact and legible through many cycles of immersion and repeated handling. Brady Freezerbondz II labels can even be applied to already frozen surfaces. Changing media is easy with pre-die cut and continuous labels in easy-to-load cartridges.

This compact and versatile printer is handheld, robust and inexpensive. Labelling vials, vial tops, slides, and well plates with durable materials is cost effective, quick and easy.

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Posted on August 14, 2009