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Protect your Manufacturing Environment in Real Time with Instantaneous Microbial Detection™

BioVigilant´s IMD systems detect — instantaneously and in real time — particulate count, size, and biological status. Unlike other rapid microbial methods, BioVigilant´s optically-based systems require no staining, no reagents, no waiting period, and little human intervention.

As optical, laser-based devices, BioVigilant's IMD-A systems utilize naturally occurring fluorescence in bacteria and a principle called Mie Scattering to assess inert from biologic particles, on a single particle basis.

Biovigilant detects inert particles by Mie scattering which is read and measured in a sensor,  but viable microorganisms and spores are detected by fluorescence and read and measured by a Photo Multiplayer

This single particle analysis capability offers greater sensitivity in the detection of bacteria, in contrast to the limited operational ranges displayed by common types of traditional equipment, making them less sensitive at detecting low levels of bacteria.

Secondly, IMD-A systems can be used to continuously monitor the environment as opposed to traditional methods that are used periodically for spot checks.

  • Displays in real time

  • Continuous operation

  • Minimal or no human interaction

  • No consumables

  • Small footprint

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Posted on February 15, 2011