Expansion Sees Q Chip Move to New Facility

Q Chip Ltd has officially opened its new corporate headquarters and R&D facility in Cardiff. The expansion into new headquarters marks a significant step in the steady expansion Q Chip has experienced since its foundation.

In summer 2007 Q Chip successfully completed a funding round which saw it raise in excess of £2 million from existing and new shareholders. This investment is being used to expand the product range of ReaX™ encapsulated PCR reagents, Biologix™ microspheres for peptide delivery and cell encapsulation, as well as Q Chip´s proprietary MicroPlant™ microfluidic device.

The MicroPlant produces microspheres of extreme uniformity (<2% variability) that encapsulate all the reagents needed to perform a PCR. This means that ReaX assays require minimal user input, time and skill level giving results that are accurate and reproducible every time, no matter where or by whom the assay is performed. The MicroPlant production technology also offers significant benefits compared to conventional microencapsulation processes, such as ultra-low wastage, uniform dosing and morphology, and low process costs.

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Posted on October 16, 2008