Innovative air sampler gives microbiological results in only a few hours

Detecting microbiological airborne contamination is vital in industrial, environmental or clinical situations. The Coriolis® µ is an innovative air sampler dedicated to biological airborne contamination control and validated according to ISO 14698-1.

Instead of impacting onto a solid media (in a Petri dish) as is normally done with traditional technology, the Coriolis® collects and impacts airborne particles into a liquid media; this liquid sample is then compatible with all kinds of specific and rapid analysis such as ELISA, PCR, ATP Bioluminescence, etc.
Due to its high air flow rate (300 L/min), you can collect up to 3m3 in only 10 minutes which allows a more representative sample of your controlled environment to be tested.

Other benefits of the Coriolis include:
  • Flexible and easy to set up
  • Battery operated
  • Fully Traceable results
  • Sterile single use consumables
  • Easily decontaminated
  • Validation booklet available
Already tested by several customers and partners, the Coriolis technology has demonstrated its advantages and its efficiency (tested according to ISO 14698-1 at HPA); the results from the Coriolis are equivalent or better when compared with impaction methods.

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Posted on July 3, 2008