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MicroVal Certifies SimPlate Yeast & Mold Color Indicator Method

The SimPlate Yeast and Mold Color Indicator (Y&M-CI) method is used for the detection and quantification of yeast and mold in foods. It is based on Binary Detection Technology (BDT) which equates the presence of yeast and mold to the presence of a colour change in the medium.

The SimPlate Y&M-CI was already granted the AOAC Official Method. Therefore MicroVal decided for this testkit to become MicroVal approved by only performing the Method comparison study method according to the MV Rules and Certification Scheme, version 5. The results of the AOAC interlab study (reference method ISO 21527-1) are considered as comparable to the interlaboratory study that has to be performed by EN ISO 16140.

The validation has been carried out by the MicroVal Expert laboratory ADRIA Developpement, France. The MicroVal Certification Body is Lloyd's Register QA (NL) and the method reviewers were ir. Henk Stegeman (NL) and Prof. Basil Jarvis (UK).

The SimPlate Yeast and Mold Color Indicator (Y&M-CI) method is available from BioControl Systems Inc., for further details, click on the 'More Information' button below.

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Posted on June 22, 2010

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