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Aqua-tools is specialized in marketing and sales of a new generation of ATP quantification kits for microbiological monitoring in all types of water networks: sanitary water, industrial water, purified water, cooling towers waters, waste waters.

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Risk analysis and routine surveillance programs for Legionella, Pseudomonas
and aerobic flora control in sanitary water networks and cooling towers.

With the participation of Laurent GARRELLY- GL Biocontrol, Jacques NAITYCHIA - Welfare services - hospital of Paris, Pierre ALLOUCH - Versailles hospital

Assessment of sanitary risks in the various water networks requires measurement of bacterial contamination, such as total flora or pathogenic bacteria as Legionella or Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Quench-Gone Aqueous kits are a new tool for control of active biomass through bioluminescence, allowing microbial monitoring in any water treatment process.

Aqua-tools logo The 1st Monitoring Technology for Control of Active Biomass in Real-time
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ATP is an instantaneous indicator of the biological activity of any water installation.
The different kits distributed by Aqua-tools allow monitoring of water quality and treatment efficiency in all types of water:

  • Cooling tower and sanitary water networks
  • Potable water and process water
  • Biological wastewater treatment

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Aqua-tools invites its customers to share their opinion:
they speak about their experience and answer our questions.

What are the reasons why you use Quench-Gone Aqueous kit (QGA™) for the quantification of active biomass? How are these results of help for you? Which daily changes did they offer you?

Read the answers from:
Altis, semiconductor producer,- Carine Magdo
Aquaprox, water treatment, - Daniel Billon-Lanfray
Eurofins environnement, control laboratory,- Cyrille Grimaud
Enertherm, 1st European producer of hot and cold water, - Olivier Robert
GL-biocontrol, audit and expertise in water installations, - Laurent Garrelly
Isagua, advice and expertise of sanitary networks, - Jacques Naitychia

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Posted on October 15, 2007

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