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BiOstic® Bacteremia DNA Isolation Kit - Removes PCR Inhibitors

The BiOstic® Bacteremia DNA Isolation Kit enables efficient purification of bacterial DNA from cultured blood, fecal and cervical swabs while completely removing PCR inhibitors common in blood, swabs and culture medium.

Bacterial genotyping from cultured blood can be difficult due to the presence of PCR inhibitors such as charcoal used for the removal of antibiotics from patient blood (e.g. BacT/ALERT™ SA tubes). The BiOstic® Bacteremia DNA Isolation Kit utilizes our novel, patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) combined with mechanical bead beating lysis to isolate pure genomic DNA that is free of inhibitory substances and ready to use in bacterial genotyping assays such as the Bacterial Barcodes Rep-PCR assays and other multiplex PCR or real-time PCR assays.

The BiOstic® Bacteremia DNA Isolation Kit has been successfully tested on Gram -ve and Gram +ve bacteria.

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Posted on November 23, 2009