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Invetech Extends its 'Idea to Market' Development Services to Biotechnology

A worldwide leader for instruments and special purpose scientific platforms, Invetech, has expanded its service offering to include novel early stage analysis and assessment services for biotechnology and biomedical clients. Building on its success in international instrument development and custom automation, Invetech announces the availability of this critical service to the biotechnology market. With a proven track record of hundreds of development projects worldwide, Invetech's services are being increasingly relied upon by industry experts seeking an experienced outsourcing co-development partner.

Providing an 'idea to market' service, Invetech offers an integrated range of services for the biotechnology market, including process development, process optimization, product specification, product fit, cost modelling, capital planning, product development, and instrument and consumables manufacturing.

Invetech's services are available as either combined or individual offerings to suit individual customer's specific needs. Invetech has recently demonstrated its skills with the development of a closed process automation for vaccine production, by providing a path forward for rational process optimization with a young biotech company that required guidance for economically evolving a proprietary and complex bioprocess into a routine production line. The entire process involved an initial cost and optimization modelling service stage for the company to justify investing tens of millions of dollars in the production and processing suite of integrated automation components.

In order to enable it to compile the best possible team for each individual project, Invetech works in collaboration with its clients to identify the specific professional and technical skill sets that will be necessary to help the client achieve commercial success. Through its exceptional body of qualified engineers and scientists, Invetech selects key team members due to their individual skills for every different project. Furthermore, by incorporating Invetech's services into their system, customers can reduce risks involved in the production process and also follow-on costs.

Invetech is an engineering services company with extensive experience in solving automation challenges for laboratories and instrument companies working in point of care diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, life sciences and pharmaceutical/biotech laboratories. With a track record in improved reliability, durability and system throughput, the company's expertise crosses a number of disciplines crucial to the drug discovery and development process including high-value added disposables, DNA extraction, bead handling, liquid handling, plate handling, robotics, software interfaces, optics, specialized detection systems, miniaturization and integration.

For more information about Invetech's innovative instrument development and custom automation services, please contact Invetech East Coast US: +1 203 675 4502, West Coast US: +1 415 533 1958.

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Posted on May 11, 2007