Snap Stick Qualitative Reference Cultures from NSI Lab Solutions

The New Standard is Here

The common theme from customer comments is that ease-of-use and feedback time are the most valuable features found in a test kit. With this in mind, we have improved on our existing product line by developing QuenchGone21 (QG21) - our most advanced kits yet. QuenchGone21 provides complete results in 1 minute.

Our continued research and development has allowed us to reduce test time while increasing ease of use. Through advanced packaging and reagent systems, you can now obtain an accurate indication of biomass concentration and health in a matter of minutes. QuenchGone21 makes no compromises in quality or reliability in any area of our testing. In addition to near-elimination of sample incubation requirements, QG21 involves fewer pipetting steps and uses user-friendly dispensing techniques to make analyses easier than ever! Visit our website to learn more about these exciting new products!

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Posted on April 15, 2008