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Invitrogen's New Cryptosporidium Genotyping Kits: Get the Complete Story on Your Water Sample


In regulated testing methods for water, Invitrogen's Dynabeads® are the gold standard magnetic beads used to isolate & concentrate the protozoa Cryptosporidium and Giardia from water samples.

Dynabeads® are included in both the US EPA Method 1622 & 1623 and the UK DETR Water Supply Regulation 2000 SI No. 3184 (England) & 2001SI No. 3911 (Wales).

Invitrogen's new Cryptosporidium genotyping kit is the perfect compliment to these methods providing molecular profiling of Cryptosporidium from the microscope slides giving valuable species and/or genotype information and possibly giving an indication of public health significance.

The Invitrogen Cryptosporidium genotyping kit contains all the consumables necessary to perform the genotyping in one convenient format allowing simple set up of the method. Included are:

  • The ChargeSwitch® DNA isolation system
  • The PCR Consumables (primers, Platinum PCR Supermix, positive template control)
  • The restriction enzymes (Sspl, Vspl & Ddel) & reaction buffers
  • The E-Gel® & E-Gel® powerbase 4v
  • 50bp ladder.

The Cryptosporidium genotyping kit is available in 3 different formats allowing maximum flexibility for the user. Three restriction enzyme reactions are used to differentiate the species and genotypes:

  • SspI (differentiates between C. parvum and other species)
  • VspI (differentiates between C. parvum genotypes)
  • DdeI (differentiates between C. andersoni and C. muris)

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Posted on January 29, 2007