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SepsiTest™ - CE Marked Rapid and Reliable PCR for Routine Diagnostics of Sepsis

SepsiTest™ is a novel PCR test for early and rapid diagnosis of sepsis. In less than four hours the broad-spectrum screening assay detects more than 345 relevant sepsis organisms.

Conventional microbiological methods usually deliver results, on an average, only after 48 hours. SepsiTest™ has received CE-IVD-marking according to European in-vitro diagnostic law and is now available for routine sepsis diagnostics.

Today, sepsis-causing pathogens are usually identified by a traditional microbiological method: the so-called blood culture. Blood culture tests normally deliver results after 2 to 5 days and, in some cases, the analysis takes even longer. Moreover, blood cultures are limited when detecting fastidious organisms or when antibiotic therapies have already been administered. Therefore, molecular biologists have been working for quite some time on rapid sepsis screening technologies.

In contrast to other molecular tests, the broad-spectrum SepsiTest™ detects all relevant pathogens and, thus, for the first time enables very targeted antibiotic therapies. Latest research from SepNet, the European sepsis network, showed dramatically increased survival rates for sepsis patients receiving early and targeted antibiotic treatments.

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Posted on October 14, 2008