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Heal Force Quality CO2 Incubator for Less Than £2,000

Progen Scientific now offers four models of CO2 incubator from the Heal Force range including the HF90 , 151L capacity model for under £2,000.

The Heal Force range (from TUV Germany) is manufactured to ISO9001 and EN46001 quality assurance standards and is also CE marked. The 4 models in the range include:

  • HF151UV - 151 litre capacity with UV disinfection.
  • HF212UV - 212 litre capacity with UV disinfection.
  • HF90 - 151 litre capacity with 90ºC moist heat disinfection.
  • HF240 - 240 litre capacity with 90ºC moist heat disinfection.
Across the range Heal Force boasts a host of features including
  • Easy and reliable operation - ideal for standard applications.
  • Microprocessor control - controlling all functions and data and including appropriate warning messages.
  • Precise C02 control - using the proven thermal conductivity (TCD) method a reliable sensor ensures the correct concentration of gas in the chamber ensuring long term stability of pH vales even at lower C02 volumes.
  • Reliable heating system - combining direct heating and an air jacket system the Heal Force maintains constant and stable temperatures of the inner chamber.
  • Accurate temperature control - platinum temperature sensors linked to the microprocessor enable the accurate control of temperatures from +5ºC to +50ºC and is backed up by over temperature protection.
  • High humidity operation - by placing distilled water in the 3 litre tank protects samples from drying out and maintains appropriate osmotic pressure in cells ideal for long term cultures.
  • Auto start function.
  • Smooth and corrosion resistant interior design.
  • Rapid recovery time.

The HF90 model is available from stock includes all the above features, weighs 80Kg and has external dimensions of 637W x 909H x 762D has a soft touch control panel and is supplied with 3 inner adjustable shelves. Product ordering code 7BZ-HF90-PK1

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

Source : Progen Scientific Ltd. View Company Information

Posted on August 24, 2006

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