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Smooth, Variable Speed Vortex Mixer is Compact and Lightweight

Smooth, fast and efficient mixing with minimal vibration across all speeds is an important requirement for many laboratory applications and the new variable speed Vortex Mixer from laboratory equipment specialists Cleaver Scientific is an ideal solution. Unlike other vortex mixers which use elliptical orbits, the VX-200 deploys a true circular orbit mixing technique which facilitates uniform sample vortexing, even at low speeds.

The CombiCup™ head, which is supplied as standard, accepts many different tube sizes, while the unique over moulding technology used in its manufacture provides a robust, sturdy core with non-slip TPE that fits optional heads for microplates, PCR strip tubes, 15ml and 50ml tubes and blood vials.

The VX-200 can be used in 'touch' or 'continuous mode'; touch mode being activated by simply depressing the sample head and then stopped by releasing the pressure. Other features include an optimised counter-balance system which minimises vibration and movement of the mixer during operation.

However, despite these features and robust design the mixer is compact and lightweight, measuring 14cm x 16cm x 13cm and weighing just 2.2Kg enabling the mixer to be easily transported and used in laboratories where space is restricted. The mixer, which is safe for use in temperature controlled environments, is available in two power / speed options, 115V producing between 0-2850 RPM and 230V which provides between 0-3400RPM.

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Posted on March 11, 2010