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High Throughput Electrophoresis Unit Saves Time and Space

A new compact electrophoresis gel system which is capable of running 4 gels in one tank to ensure the important benefits of optimum throughput, whilst saving time and space, is the latest product to be introduced by electrophoresis specialists Cleaver Scientific (CSL).

The CSL multiSUB4 system is designed to run up to 1200 samples in 4 vertically stacked gel trays to provide high throughput electrophoresis, while maintaining the space-saving advantages offered within the laboratory by a small unit. Each gel tray is UV-transparent to ensure easy visualisation of samples directly on the transilluminator following electrophoresis. Also, the inclusion of 4 double-sided multi-channel pipette compatible combs allows rapid sample loading from 96-well gel trays and thermal cycler blocks.

The multiSUB system is available with two formats of double-sided combs, one with one marker and one sample lane for the large scale-up of nucleic acids that may be turned over for a 12-sample throughput if required, and another included with the unit which offers both an 8 and 18 sample throughput.

The gel trays included with the CSL multiSUB are 12cm in length, while trays 6 and 18cm in length are also available for shorter and longer separations if preferred. Typical applications for the multiSUB include its use as a rapid screening accessory for DNA mini-preps prepared in 96-well plates or PCR products from thermal cycler blocks.

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Posted on February 3, 2009