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Compact, Fast Heating Dry Baths Save Time and Space

A new range of compact, rapid-heating microprocessor controlled dry baths that save time, space and money have recently been introduced by Cleaver Scientific Ltd (CSL). These digital dry baths are suitable for a wide range of tasks in most laboratories, including clinical, histology and molecular biology applications. They provide users with a heating speed of ambient temperature to 100ºC in just 12 minutes and so reduce inconvenient waiting times. With dimensions of just 15cm x 15cm x 13.5cm, they also save on valuable laboratory bench space.

They offer precise, accurate control of the integral high wattage heaters thanks to the easy-to-use digital microprocessor control panel. Also, there is no need to check or re-adjust the thermometer afterwards. With the block chamber constructed from moulded aluminium, these baths offer improved heat uniformity because of the perfect contact with the base of the interchangeable blocks whilst also retaining heating efficiency because the moulded construction does not warp over time

A user calibration function allows easy calibration to suit in-house standards and requirements as and when required, while an RS232 port records block temperature activity. A data-logging software package which links to a PC can also be supplied. Another important feature is the stainless steel block chamber within the unit which acts as a heat sink and promotes uniform transfer of heat from the heating elements to all the interchangeable blocks. This results in optimum consistency for all the samples because they are subjected to the same temperature, regardless of their position in the block.
A wide choice of different types of block for different types of tube, are available.

Moreover CSL dry baths provide users with added versatility because they can also be used as water baths, which is achieved simply by removing the block and filling with distilled water.

Two inter-compatible models are available in the range, a single block unit which will accept all of the standard blocks and a dual unit which will accept two standard blocks or one specially designed block to suit a specific application. Both models are supplied with a block filter as standard.

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Posted on January 6, 2009