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Horizontal Gel Units for Superior Sample Resolution

Quick to set-up, easy-to-use and capable of the highest quality deletion sample resolution; these are the important features and benefits of the new range of injection moulded horizontal electrophoresis products, introduced by Cleaver Scientific Ltd.. The MultiSUB™ range of horizontal electrophoresis units is the most technically advanced range of DNA and RNA gel systems available thanks to their injection moulded construction.

For example, a stronger, more durable quality of construction enables these units to withstand the demands of the modern laboratory, yet they are lightweight, leak-proof and competitively priced, as a result of lower manufacturing costs. Central to their ease-of-use is the unique, 'plug and go' gel casting system which means the need for agarose plugs or gasket adjustments, as recommended by other manufacturer’s, is not required.

All MultiSUB™ horizontal gel units are sold as complete systems with all the required accessories, including UV transparent gel trays with a choice of at least two different gel tray sizes per unit. This is a handy option when applications involve expensive, low melting point agarose. The gel size can be matched to the sample number requirements. Users can also choose the types of comb they require at the time of purchase thanks to a free of charge comb substitution policy.

Also, purchasing additional combs is not required as the MultiSUB™ range offers the widest choice of combs available with more comb thickness, sample number, multichannel pipette compatible and preparative choices.

All combs are colour coded for thickness and easy identification, they are height adjustable for added versatility and are completely warp proof due to a rigid comb back. In addition, reversible and double-sided combs are available complete with either well-loading guide on the reverse side which helps to channel the pipette tip into the well, or an additional different sample number comb for economy and space-saving.

Other features and benefits include; two types of viewing guide which helps users when they come to loading their samples, increased sample capacity thanks to increased lane numbers, high sample number combs and stackable get trays in the new multiSUB 4 model, easy-to-replace and repair cassette style electrodes, power supply connectors and adapters which guarantee power supply compatibility and corrosion resistant high quality components.

Finally, additional accessories offered include direct cooling packs to enhance resolution and allow faster run times, buffer saver blocks for added gel run economy, fluorescent rulers and gel levelling casters for perfectly level gels.

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Posted on April 19, 2007