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Olympus Offers Unique Ergonomic Binocular Observation Tube with Raised Eyepoint

The Olympus BX2 clinical inspection microscopes have always been greatly valued for their ergonomic features – in particular the BX45, with its exceptional posture friendly concept, is ideal for prolonged use in clinical screening.

The BX45 has been specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of repetitive routine microscopy, by allowing users to find the ultimate position. Creating a perfect, upright and comfortable posture is essential for long-term fatigue-free operation. Olympus has achieved this by developing the only truly “ergonomic” binocular observation tube available on the market.
To ensure complete user comfort, the ideal ergonomic microscope must be completely flexible. The eyepoint of the new BX45 observation tube is 80 mm higher and 70 mm closer to the user than that of a conventional tube. The preferred eyepoint position can also be readily adjusted by tilting and extending the tube. With additional intermediate tubes the eyepoint height can be raised further still.

This means that every operator can look straight into the eyepiece without tilting their head, ensuring the most comfortable working position possible with the best line of sight to the specimen. This is crucial when spending long hours observing clinical specimens.

The BX45 ergonomic tube is available in two different versions offering greater flexibilty with added user comfort. One generates the conventional inverted image, whereas the other produces an upright image, which moves in the same direction as the specimen.

All Olympus BX2 microscopes are designed to enable users to fully benefit from Olympus’ ergonomic approach as well as the high optical performance of the UIS2 optics. The BX2 range comprises both ready-made solutions for routine clinical work and flexible open systems, which can be expanded with growing demands. Whichever system is chosen, the UIS2 optics are ideal for a wide range of imaging procedures and are particularly well suited to clinical screening by reducing eye fatigue.

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Posted on August 31, 2006