Mobidiag Releases First Microarray Based Rapid Test for Bacterial Detection

The Prove-it™ Bacteria test from Finnish biotechnology company Mobidiag, sets a world record by being able to detect 50 pathogenic bacteria simultaneously - including the mecA resistance marker for MRSA.

The detection of bacterial targets is based on broad-range PCR followed by specific identification of the targets on a microarray. The results are delivered in less than three hours.

This is an important milestone in the battle against infectious diseases, most importantly life-threatening sepsis.

Currently, the diagnostics of causative pathogen(s) needed for the antibiotic treatment decision takes 2-5 days based on blood culturing and subsequent pathogen identification. Using Mobidiag´s Prove-it™ Bacteria, the pathogen detection is available 1-3 days earlier compared to current diagnostics. The PCR and microarray-based test takes less than three hours to complete. Achieved time saving rationalizes antibiotic treatment and improves patient outcomes and decreases mortality considerably.

Prove-it™ Bacteria test is initially intended for research purposes. The evaluation aiming for the European CE-IVD status enabling its use in clinical sepsis diagnostics is currently ongoing and will be completed later this year. The test will cover more than 90 % of all sepsis cases.

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Posted on April 22, 2008