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Detect-HIV™ Report from Microbiological Diagnostics Assessment Service

A product evaluation report published by the Microbiological Diagnostics Assessment Service, has ranked Adaltis’ fourth generation test for HIV screening – the Detect-HIV™ (v.4) – as the second most sensitive microplate product among the diagnostic kits tested by the Service.

Detect-HIV™(v.4) is an ultra-sensitive EIA test offering a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of greater than 99.8%, for detection of all HIV antibodies types and subtypes tested and for the detection of antigen p24 to HIV-1. The report will expand new market opportunities for Detect-HIV™ (v.4) internationally.

Detect-HIV™ (v.4) is a fourth generation microplate EIA using a mixture of purified synthetic peptides and recombinant proteins representing immunodominant domains of the env proteins of HIV-1 and HIV-2 and monoclonal antibodies directed against the HIV-1 p24 antigen.

Detect-HIV™(v.4) provides the simultaneous detection of all classes of immunoglobulins (Ig) against all known subtypes of HIV-1 and HIV-2, as well as the direct detection of the p24 antigen.

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Source : Adaltis Inc. [Canada]
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Posted on August 21, 2006

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