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Flasks on a Slide - grow and process cells on the same surface

SlideFlask and Flaskette

Included in the "SlideFlask Procedures" guide are recommended procedures for G-Band staining and karyotyping, as well as pulse-labelling autoradiography and immuno-fluorescence detection of Mycoplasma hyorhinis.

There are many advantages to using Nunc Flasks on a Slide. Of primary importance is that all operations, cell growth and all subsequent processing can take place on the same surface. In addition the growth surface area is relatively small (9 cm2 for SlideFlask; 10 cm2 for the Flaskette) so large tissue samples are not required to carry out the necessary tests.

Nunc offers two cell culture treated growth surfaces to satisfy customer requirements. The Flaskette has a polystyrene upper structure on a glass growth surface, allowing the use of organic solvents during the later processing stages (once the upper structure has been removed).

The SlideFlask has the advantage that it has the same Nunclon™ D treated growth surface as the other Nunc cell culture products.This can be an advantage when culturing especially fastidious cell types, which have difficulty in adapting to new surfaces.

The SlideFlask products and procedures brochure will be displayed at upcoming conferences and exhibitions. Samples are available and will be forwarded to interested customers on request.

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Posted on July 11, 2002