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The PURELAB 7000 Water Purification System from ELGA

ELGA has launched a new PURELAB water purification system specifically for laboratories needing large volumes of Type II purified water at multiple application points.

The ELGA LabWater PURELAB 7000 is ideal for laboratories needing a compact system to supply high quality Type II water to small distribution loops. Up to 120l/h can be distributed to feed polishers and two or three dispense point in addition to the main application, while an internal 50 litre wrap-around reservoir dispenses at rates of up to 4 l/min to ensure peak demand is met.

A combination of high rejection membranes, purification cartridges with enhanced organics removal and final 0.05µm filtration produces purified water with resistivity better than 15, TOC less than 10ppb and total bacteria counts below 1cfu/ml. The purified water is continuously recirculated through the purification technologies to maintain microbial purity.

As with all the PURELAB models, the 7000 has simple sanitisation processes designed to run quickly and easily. The RO membranes and local distribution loop are purified by a unique sanitisation design, while user-defined electronically-protected reminders ensure quality is always maintained. The resin mix in the long-life deionisation cartridge is economic and increases the yield of the purification packs, while the optional carbon dioxide degasser can further extend the cartridge life.

Finally, the PURELAB 7000 can be easily connected to a Building Management System, and its ergonomic design, which includes castors instead of static feet, mean it can be easily rolled under a bench and accessed by staff whenever needed.

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Posted on April 27, 2009