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Neogen launches ANSR™ for Listeria

Neogen Corporation has developed the quickest and easiest test to definitively detect Listeria.

ANSR™ for Listeria is the second test available for Neogen's revolutionary ANSR pathogen detection system, and will provide results after only 20 minutes of reaction time. Other commercially available molecular amplification tests require up to 3 hours of reaction time. ANSR for Salmonella, which was introduced in April, recently received performance validation from the AOAC Research Institute, and the Listeria test's approval is pending.

'The well-received and validated ANSR system provides the food industry both the definitive test results they need, and the much easier and quicker methodology they want,' said James Herbert, Neogen's chief executive officer and chairman. 'This introduction of ANSR for Listeria adds to an extremely productive period for our food safety research and development group. Since March 1, we have launched nine new food safety and quality testing products, including three new mycotoxin tests, two food allergen tests, two indicator organism tests for sterility testing, and now two innovative foodborne pathogen tests.'

Combined with ANSR's single enrichment step, Neogen's new pathogen detection method for Listeria can provide definitive results in as little as 16 hours from the time the sample is taken.

Neogen's ANSR is an isothermal amplification reaction test method that exponentially amplifies the DNA of any bacteria present in samples to detectable levels in only minutes. The ANSR system was designed to combine molecular-level accuracy with a scalable low-cost instrument and a methodology that can be easily incorporated into any testing laboratory's existing workflow. The system's small benchtop footprint and extremely simple procedure make it an easy fit in any laboratory setting.

Additional tests for the ANSR platform currently are in development and are expected to be launched in the coming months.

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Posted on August 13, 2012