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AOAC-RI Approval for Neogen's Soleris E.coli Test

The AOAC-Research Institute has recently validated the performance of another of Neogen´s test kits, its Soleris test that detects E. coli in as little as 7 hours (Performance Tested MethodSM No. 101101). Most food companies and testing laboratories regard AOAC approval as a requirement for their use.

The results of a rigorous AOAC-RI validation study clearly indicate the Soleris E. coli method can be used for rapid and accurate detection of E. coli in a variety of food commodities. The Soleris test offers significant time savings of up to 3 days over the conventional reference procedure, while also reducing the amount of technician labor required. Neogen has also received AOAC-RI validation on its Soleris test for coliforms.

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Posted on November 8, 2011