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New Chromogenic Microval Approved Total Count Plate Validated for all Foods

Compact Dry TC

Compact Dry TC has received the first ever MicroVal approval according to ISO 16140 requirements, and is the first chromogenic medium to be validated by Microval for the detection of total counts in ALL food samples.

Compact Dry plates are ready-to-use dry media sheets comprising culture media and a cold soluble gelling agent, rehydrated by inoculating 1 ml diluted sample into the centre of the self-diffusable medium.

The Compact Dry TC (Total Count) method contains a redox indicator, tetrazolium salt such that metabolizing bacteria form red colonies. This is an approved alternative method to the standard plate count agar, enabling determination of aerobic colony counts in all kind of foods after 48 hour incubation.

The new Compact Dry Line provides outstanding features including:

  • shelf life of up to 2 years at room temperature - no fridge needed
  • the sample self diffuses homogeneously
  • plates are easy to stack and have a safe closed cover
  • method has AOAC RI and MicroVal approvals
  • colony picking is easy
  • filters can be incubated on the plates
  • can be used in a point of care situation

Compact Dry swabs and dilution racks as convenient tools are also available

Viable count in water or liquid foodstuff:
Drop 1 ml of specimen (dilute if necessary) onto the middle of the Compact Dry plate.

Viable count in solid foodstuff:
Add buffer solution to the sample and homogenize in a stomacher®. Drop 1 ml of specimen (dilute if necessary) in the middle of the dry sheet of the Compact Dry plate.

Viable count in swabs:
Use the swab to wipe the surface, put into the device with wiping solution. Drop 1 ml of wiping solution (dilute if necessary) in the middle of the Compact Dry plate.

It is recommended to use "Swab for Compact Dry" offered by HyServe Id-No. 1 002 952/3 (40/240 pieces).

Key benefits:

  • Microval and AOAC RI approved for all foodstuffs
  • Extremely long shelf life at room temperature (1- 30 °C)
  • Easy to use due to homogenous self diffusion
  • Easy-to to-read chromogenic reaction

The Compact Dry TC method is MicroVal -ISO 16140 validated for the detection of Total Viable Count in all food samples under MV20070320-001-LRQA as well as AOAC-RI No. 010404

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Posted on June 4, 2007